Focus on IT service and development 
of IT professional field 
Professional service, deeply cultivate the industry, and deeply understand the needs and pain points of customers. 
Provide efficient digital support for enterprises with advanced concepts and technologies
Focus on Industry
Focus on Industry
Headquartered in Shanghai, Daoyatec is an innovative enterprise management software service provider, a professional platform software company and application solution provider with continuous independent innovation ability; We are committed to using the self-developed "rapid business development platform" to provide services to government institutions, research institutes, group enterprises, high-end manufacturing enterprises Financial institutions provide leading enterprise knowledge management (km) and unstructured big data management, project management (PM), business process management (BPM) application solutions, identity authentication management solutions, mobile application solutions, software and hardware integration products, services and solutions.
With "creating value for customers" as the core, we provide customers with comprehensive and continuous services 
Professional and practical, for your sake 
whole-hearted service
whole-hearted service
Senior team
Senior team
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Experience from your peer companies
Transform it into your own productivity
We have a large client base
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Daoyatec has international service capability and has accumulated rich service experience in foreign enterprises 
With the witness of strength, more well-known enterprises have chosen Daoya technology and become long-term partners 
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